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Loreto is another home away from home.

State-of-the-art Racilities

The School has state of the art facilities and infrastructures

Digitalized Education

The students in our community are pushed into the emergind trend of technology in various ways

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Some of our Facilities

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Mother of God
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Standard Place of Worship
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Serene Environment

Well-equipped environment
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Well equipped Sized classrooms

Ventilated Classrooms
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Sporting Facilities

We have sporting facilities...
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Well equipped & Sized classrooms

Ventilated Classrooms

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  • Student life at Loreto is a rich and vibrant experience.Sr. Midred
  • Striving to provide a well balanced spiritual, academic and social well-being, students are encouraged to both serve and participate in and beyond our community. With plenty of room for opportunity, students can engage in different learning activities, the arts, and equally many student driven clubs.John Umoh
  • Few decisions have the lasting impact on your child as that of your school choice. During these formative years, life-long friendships will be made, spiritual formation will take place, and values will be instilled. Loreto is here to partner with you in making those days the very best that they can be.Sr. Midred